The International Society for Extremophiles (ISE)


Dear colleague:

The International Society for Extremophiles (ISE) is a community of scientists who dedicate their research to the fascinating world of extremophilic microorganisms.

Extremophiles thrive in environments that were previously considered too harsh to sustain life. Extremophiles are represented by the thermophiles (high temperature), psychrophiles (cold temperature), piezophiles (high pressure), acidophiles (low pH), alkaliphiles (high pH) and halophiles (high salt concentration). They include organisms that grow at temperatures above 100°C or below 0°C, at pressures exceeding 50 MPa, pH values of 0 or 12, or at NaCl concentrations higher than 5 M. From a broader perspective, there are also microorganisms that can withstand exposure to organic solvents, dessication, or extremely high doses of UV.

Research on extremophiles gives us a better understanding of nature's diversity and opens up a broad range of industrial applications. Scientists from all over the world contribute to this rapidly growing field of research in terms of basic and applied research.

I cordially invite you to apply for membership and to join the ISE.

Member benefits include:

  • Member discounts for participating in international conferences such as Extremophiles and Biocat
  • Free access to webinars from scientists in the field
  • Free access to on-line workshops and symposia
  • Scholarships and travel grants for Ph.D. students

Consider joining and become a part of the international family of extremophiles researchers.

Prof. Haruyuki Atomi   Sincerely Yours
Haruyuki Atomi
ISE President